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Our next goal: Olesere village water well

When we visited Olesere, within the Masai Mara, the image you see to the right is what we saw. Villagers collecting contaminated surface water with dirty containers. The thirst they had to quench was with water laced with disease. They have no other option. Our next goal is to fund a water well (see picture to the right) giving these people access to clean drinking water that will enable them to grow crops and eliminate the water borne illnesses that plague these people! Your purchase or donation makes all this possible. Buy authentic masai jewelry or donate here: Buy Now


Previous Completed Projects


Water collection system - Masai Mara

Water collection is the first step in providing relief to these villages in the dry season. The rain that falls during the rainy season is gold. These reservoirs enable the villager to store for the dry summers. Within the first few orders of jewelry from the villagers, they were able to purchase and install these reservoirs in 5 villages! Buy authentic masai jewelry or donate here: Buy Now

Local staff ready to work!

Many charities raise money but few have tangible assets and personnel on the ground ready to work! Living Water is ready to drill and facilitate these wells - they just need the funding to keep the work moving forward. We partner with them to get these wells drilled and teach sanitation to these needy villages. This CHANGES LIVES FOREVER. Your purchase of this authentic jewelry employs these people and funds these water projects. Buy authentic masai jewelry or donate here: Buy Now